JIRA Vs Bugzilla

Hi Readers,

Here's a copy of an answer I found on net on comparison of JIRA and Bugzilla:

Things that Bugzilla does and JIRA does not:

1. Bugzilla is very good at performance with large bug databases. Take a look at bugzilla.mozilla.org, it has ~400,000 records. I'm not sure what hardware it runs on, but you will probably need a lot more for the same stuff on JIRA. It's just Perl vs. J2EE. But if you have fewer than 50,000 records, don't worry.

2. Flags/requests. If you use this Bugzilla feature, you won't find anything similar in JIRA. But probably there's a plug-in.

3. Authorization is different. Bugzilla has a mind-breaking feature for grouping users & issues; JIRA has something more simple (and more convenient, I think). But if you have defined a lot of security groups in Bugzilla, it may be not easy to transfer their business logic to JIRA.

4. Search in JIRA is far less powerful than Bugzilla's advanced search.

5. If your Bugzilla is patched or integrated with other systems, take a close look at that.

6. Bugzilla is free and open-source, if that does matter.

7. Bugzilla's security theoretically should be better, because of (6).

But there are also reasons to move to JIRA:

1. Web-based user interface is better.

2. JIRA supports custom fields of many types.

3. JIRA (enterprise edition) supports a number of customizable workflow schemes (LpSolit: Bugzilla 3.2 let administrators customize the workflow.)
4. JIRA issues may be linked with custom link types of user-defined semantics.

5. JIRA has open architecture and a plug-in API and lots of plug-ins. If JIRA doesn't do something, you might find a plug-in for that.

6. JIRA has very good commercial support.