Archive and Compression

Hi All,

Just to share a finding. There is a difference between terms "Archive" and "Compression".

Archive - only makes a single file out of multiple files, it doesn't do compression. e.g. tar file (Tape archive)

Compression - Compress the multiple files into a single file and hence reduce the size. e.g. zip/gzip file.

By definition it is obvious that a compressed file will consume less space than archive file for same set of multiple files. And hence will consume less time in transferring.

Let us clear it with an example: We have a folder named "oracle" of size 21 MB.

A- Comparison of Size

Original folder (oracle) (size 21 MB)

1- oracle.tar is created (Size 21 MB)

2- is created (size 1252 KB)

3- oracle.tar.gz is created (size 1230 KB)

B- Comparison of Transfer Rate

Transfer time was minimum for oracle.tar.gz (Refer Transfer.png)

C- Difference between zip compression and gzip compression

zip stores MSDOS attributes while gzip (after tar) stores unix file attributes

I use zip for build transfer on server for Oracle/Weblogic and it works fine. tar.gz can also be adopted.