Automation Framework - RAFTAAR

Hi Readers,

I have started developing a generic Automation Framework from January 2016 :)

Though, its a tough job, I have managed and will continue to develop this generic Automation Framework. Well, I have named it

RAFTAAR (Regression Automation Framework That Allow Artificial Runs ) 

As the name suggests, Raftaar means Speed,  its fast and robust :)

Features :

- Easy to use for Manual Testers.
- Simple format to write Test Cases in excel.
- Cross Browser Support
- Operating system and application independent.

Framework Workflow :

The framework first parses the test cases & data. It then utilizes keywords using test libraries defined within framework to interact with the system under test. Test execution is started from the command line. You will get customized HTML test report and logs file for each test.

Flavors :

1. Java
2. Python

Project URL :

In case you need access, please send an email to